ill_1We offer from gas cap, filler neck, t-fitting, to complete installation kit.

Veg Oil Conversion

ill_1This system is complete with hoses, clamps, fittings, 40 gallon tank, heat exchanger, fuel gauge and sending unit, electric temp gauge, 2 fuel switches, filter and mounting brackets, ready to install.



Basic installation kit includes hoses, fitting to attach to your stock filler neck, all brass fittings, hose clamps are available for $120.

Solenoid installation kit includes Basic installation kit plus solenoid are available for $170.

Complete installation kit includes Basic installation kit plus fuel filter, fuel selector valve (solenoid) and electric fuel pump is $240.

Standard T-fitting - $35

This T-fitting is used to cut into your stock filler tube, and allows you to plumb you gravity feed or fuel pump fed line into your stock system. Constructed from all aluminum.
Ford and Dodge require 1-1/2" tube.
GM requires 2" tube.
Ford gas trucks require smaller 1-1/16" tube.
Pipe bungs on T-fitting range from 3/8" to 1/2".


Sight Glass (installed) - $50


Sending Unit (installed) - $90


Replacement Locking Fuel Cap - $45






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