ill_1We offer from gas cap, filler neck, t-fitting, to complete installation kit.

Veg Oil Conversion

ill_1This system is complete with hoses, clamps, fittings, 40 gallon tank, heat exchanger, fuel gauge and sending unit, electric temp gauge, 2 fuel switches, filter and mounting brackets, ready to install.



Welcome to JD Brand!

All of the products are hand made and custom built in house by me JD. When ordering a tank from me, you know you'll be getting the highest of quality and craftsmanship, as well as personal customer service second to none. When we discuss your tank, tool box or any other custom project, we can go over all options available to fit your needs. I will spend as much time needed to help you in your design if you're unsure. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your project. Thanks.



All fuel tanks are custom built to your specs!

All tanks and tool boxes on our website were custom built to each customer's specs. Please view these photos to get an idea and use your specifications to fit your needs.


Low Profile Transfer Tanks

Our low profile transfer tanks are a great fit for those with bed cover or needing to keep the tank and pump below bed rails. All of these tanks are custom built to fit around your roll up cover (as seen in picture below), or other variables where low profile is needed. Please contact us so we can design a tank to fit your needs.





Fuel Tank - Tool Box Combo




L-Shape Tank




Custom Aluminum Hot Rod Tanks




Custom Aluminum Boat Fuel Cells

"The attached picture is me and my crew finishing the 2016 Yukon 800 boat race in 3rd. Everyone that sees the tanks tell me that those are some nice welds. Thank you again for making the tanks to my exact specifications!" - Floyd H.




Custom Aircraft Fuel Cells

This customer was flying to and from a hunting site near the Canadian border. Return fuel was impossible due to the extreme isolation. This fuel cell provides the pilot with the extra fuel needed to transfer into his wing tanks when needed for the return flight. I enjoyed this project because it is truly a custom application. If you have something unsure of please call me, as this customer did.




Custom Portable Jet Transfer Tank




Semi Truck/RV/Bus Auxiliary Fuel Tanks & Custom Hydraulic Tanks




Custom Aluminum Oil Drain Pan

"Hello, received the drain pan the other day, beautiful work, works great, I will be in touch to have some other things made. Thanks again." - Doug





Custom Side by Side  Tool Box




Custom Aluminum Water Tanks







"JD, just wanted you to know that I am very happy with the tank you custom built for me, everything hooked up great and I am more than pleased. The tank is a work of art and you are blessed with a great talent.  Thanks again." - Mike W.



All fuel tanks are custom built to your specs!


We offer a wide variety of services, from general fabrication to custom fabrication. We're equipped with MIG and TIG application, as well as light machining. All of our products are custom built to your order. Please email us at or call us at (775) 234-8256 to discuss about your project.

We support our troops, and want to thank them and those who served our country.